Monday, June 1, 2015

How many months does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

The world may never know. 

WHAT'S UP GUYS? How are you all? Congrats to all you kids who just graduated from high school, life gets pretty cool pretty fast. 

Ok well today is cool because I have 8 months in the mission, The time is going by crazy quick. This was a pretty slow week but it had its high points for sure.

The week started with a gnarly storm, the first hurricane of the year is kissing at the state of veracruz and here in the capital its been dumping some mad thunderstorms. We got soaked once again. 

I did divisions with the elders in my district this week and did 8 baptismal interviews.

Ward Baptisms

 We found a super cool family this week and are really excited for them but they didn't come to church on Sunday so that was a real bummer. Antonio works for the government and is working right now to send food and water north to where they had a tornado last week (1st ever tornado in mexico). 

Saturday we went to this little school and scraped crappy paint off the wall and then re-sealed it. Next Saturday we are painting.

Service Project
 Ate some crazy fruit today called a lichi. It looks like a big raspberry has a hard shell and is like a big white booger inside and it is pretty stinkin good. I ate probably 15 this morning, then got a knee to the face playing street ball with the zone so I ate 10 more and sat in the shade.

 Saddest news to hear Elder Perry passed away this week. He was one I always learned a lot from, especially in the last few conferences. A great man with a great life.

This week I was thinking back to the good ol' days almost exactly 1 year ago when I graduated and I made a little list of "since then"s

Since I graduated high school.......

-I have gained 11 Kilos
-I have grown 1 inch
-I can now grow a beard
-I have developed a love for tacos
-I have learned a new language
-I have learned that Nacho Libre is 95% accurate
-75% of the girls I dated in high school are now married or engaged or on missions
-I have lived abroad for 8 months
So to all you kids who just graduated you have a lot to look forward to :)

 Exito y Animo en la semana!

Elder Draper

Helped a member cut down half of his platano tree
Elder C with his giant shrimp cocktail (sometimes he smiles!)
My favorite snack - Tuna filled avocado!
Don't be so crabby

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