Monday, June 8, 2015

19 Years and Changes!


Shout out to elder clegg who also eats that fruit lichis all the way down in sur africa 

OK todays letter is gonna be kinda short I dont have a ton of time.

This week was pretty cool, I worked a lot with the assistants and that was a cool opportunity. Tuesday I did divisions with the new elder that was in my district and that was fun. He is a good kid.

Sunday night the assistants called me with the changes and I got moved to POZA RICA. It is the hottest area in the whole mission! I am going to be changing to an american companion as well! His name is Elder Noble and I am his mom, aka I will finish his training this change. I am pumped to work with a greenie and an american.

OK I leave tomorrow morning early so I gotta go back and pack my stuff up but THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIL. I loved hearing from  you all, dave and dawn, ben and liz, kellee and dan and fam, halee and derek, grandma draper, grandma and grandpa thomas, mckayla, kadee, rylee, savanah, schaeffer, lewis family, all you guys seriously thanks! If i didnt say your name above send me a box of cat litter and I will accept it with open arms.


Elder Draper

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