Monday, April 27, 2015

7 Months and Changes

Hola todos! 

Hello to all from Mexicooooo. This was a rough week, a lot of investigators fell off the map for different reasons, we didnt find much, and it is getting hot hot hot hot here but its cool. We are working hard to find people and I think this will be a good week for sure. 

Today I have got seven months in the mission and I am loving it here. It is for sure the hardest thing I have done in my life but definitely the most rewarding as well. 

Yesterday victor got confirmed in sacrament meeting and this sunday he will recieve the priesthood. He is really progressing well and growing his testimony to be a lot stronger. After church we went to a baptism for the other missionaries in the ward and the changes came. I am staying here in Xalapa with good old Elder Cardona! I am district leader now so that will be fun this change. I am already just exhausted all the time so why not eh??

Other than that not much happened this weeek! I did find out however that the mexican postal service is in good graces with the sweedish post because my letter got there in 3 months. So go MPS.

Have a great week, go read alma 40-43 and learn about the plan of salvation.

Elder Draper

Family Home Evening with Victor and his Familia

Me and my home girl Melissa

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey all! 

Hope you are all doing well and loving life. Congrats to all you cool kids that got a mission call last week. You guys rock.

This week went by super quick but it was a good one. 

I did divisions with my zone leader elder spainhower from layton but my comp took the keys and went to their zone thirty minutes away so I had to jack bower my door open by climbing over our ledge and using a 20 foot pvc pipe to slide the lock open. being an Eagle Scout came in handy there. he got super sick with like a stomach infection so that was a funny day with lots of stops by the house.

Saturday Victor had his baptismal interview so our district leader and his companion came to his house to do it at 4. Me my companion, and the DL's companion went upstairs with his wife who is a member to talk. she turned her tv on and hooked up her phone and we turned on conference and then 2 hours later we were like holy cow why are they still in the interview??? we were way scared but its cool, victors super catholic daughter came and tried to tell my dl he was a fool and a bunch of stuff but victor passed the interview.

HE GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY I have been working with this guy for 2 months, since the second day I got to this area and finally he told us he wanted to. It was a really cool moment when his wife got up to say the opening prayer and just sobbed tears of joy as she thanked God for the opportunity they now were going to be able to have to be sealed in the temple. Super cool day.

Thats pretty much it this week! Hope you guys have a great week, oh go read the new testament. My comp got super sick yesterday so we got home at like 7 and I read from mathew to john and it is good stuff. Made me a lot more thankful for Christ!

Love you all!!

Elder Draper

Victor's Baptism

Big Smile from Elder C

Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptisms and stuff

Hola to all, hope you're all doing fantastic

This was a really good week! Yesterday was the baptism of Mayra and that was awesome to see her finally get to the baptismal font. We met a new guy named Diego this week and our investigator Manuel came to church and is progressing really well. 

Weirdest thing happened this week though. On like tuesday we were walking down this street in our area we always do and this combi pulled up in front of us on the corner so we stopped to let it pass. Instead it stops on the corner and the door swings open and I hear "DRAPE!!!" IT WAS MY CONVERTS MIGUEL AND GINA! They left perote, took a two and a half hour bus ride, and then walked all over Xalapa, the biggest city in the mission, looking for me! They just remembered that I was on some hill so they asked what the biggest hill in the city was called and someone told them there was a van that drove up to the top of the hill so they hopped in with high hopes and guess what? They found me. Miguel was crying and he goes "Look what God did for us! We prayed to find you and we did! Look what God did for us!" it was so cool to see them. Miguel is getting the Melkizedek priesthood, Gina is the young womens leader and got her young womens madallion and they are just way good. We ate dinner together there on the corner at a restaurant, took a pic and they headed back to perote. Kind of fun. 

Other than those two things it was a pretty chill week! If you wanna read a scripture we used this week, go read Proverbs 17:12. we use it as our parting scripture when Jehovahs Witnesses want to bible bash.

Love you guys, have a great week!!

Elder Draper


Mayra and the Ward Mission Leader who baptized her

Zone Activity this week

My companero after tacos!!
Miguel, Gina, Emelio, and Eric

Me and Elder Moser on Divisions (Dominoes Delivers)

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello my dear family and friends! I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed every minute of general confrence and were all able to remember the savior this sacred weekend. Also, shout out to my friend Breanna Lambert for pranking all of us into thinking she got engaged. APRIL FOOLS is great here in Mexico.

Not much happened this week, everyone here spent the week walking in the street praising idols in iniquity. We talked with about a million people in the street, showed videos on Jesus and the resurection, and worked and worked and for all that work we got some good fruit. MAYRA is getting baptized next week which is awesome, we have been working with her forever. We are way excited for her. This week we found a man named Manuel, he is super chosen and is progressing really well to a baptismal date for the end of the month, and he even came to confrence!

Confrence was soooo good, it was weird to hear so many people speak english. I loved all the talks on marriage becuase I just was like "swap wife for mission companion and I am set" and it was true, I learned a ton on how to help my companionship and in two years I can come back and read those talks to try to find someone better looking than elder cardona to apply them to. Side note, Neil L Andersons talk scared me, the end is near. But like I told my mom, if we are doing what we should, that is going to be a way good day.

Other than that kind of a boring week, this morning we went with our ward mission leader to some cool waterfalls. I'll send pics here soon. 

Hope you all have a great week, Love ya all lots!

Elder Draper

Me and my DL Elder Moser
Conference Tacos al Pastor
On the set of the Shire from the Hobbit
Giant Catholic Church

El Nino Karate

Getting Close to the Waterfalls

I fell after getting too close to the Waterfalls

Ward Missionary, Elder Cardona and Me