Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello my dear family and friends! I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed every minute of general confrence and were all able to remember the savior this sacred weekend. Also, shout out to my friend Breanna Lambert for pranking all of us into thinking she got engaged. APRIL FOOLS is great here in Mexico.

Not much happened this week, everyone here spent the week walking in the street praising idols in iniquity. We talked with about a million people in the street, showed videos on Jesus and the resurection, and worked and worked and for all that work we got some good fruit. MAYRA is getting baptized next week which is awesome, we have been working with her forever. We are way excited for her. This week we found a man named Manuel, he is super chosen and is progressing really well to a baptismal date for the end of the month, and he even came to confrence!

Confrence was soooo good, it was weird to hear so many people speak english. I loved all the talks on marriage becuase I just was like "swap wife for mission companion and I am set" and it was true, I learned a ton on how to help my companionship and in two years I can come back and read those talks to try to find someone better looking than elder cardona to apply them to. Side note, Neil L Andersons talk scared me, the end is near. But like I told my mom, if we are doing what we should, that is going to be a way good day.

Other than that kind of a boring week, this morning we went with our ward mission leader to some cool waterfalls. I'll send pics here soon. 

Hope you all have a great week, Love ya all lots!

Elder Draper

Me and my DL Elder Moser
Conference Tacos al Pastor
On the set of the Shire from the Hobbit
Giant Catholic Church

El Nino Karate

Getting Close to the Waterfalls

I fell after getting too close to the Waterfalls

Ward Missionary, Elder Cardona and Me

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