Monday, March 30, 2015


    GOOD MORNING VIETNAMMMM, or if you dont live in vietnam, hello fam and friends!

    Wow today is a crazy day because I officialy have been out for six months! In that time, I have read Our legacy, Our search for hapiness, True to the faith, and Jesus the Christ. Now I am on to the New Testament! The time has flown by, and as confrence rolls around I think about my first weekend in the mtc when I watched confrence last october. Really, the time has gone by way to fast!

    This week was a little rough, our only progressing investigator hid from us on sunday which is a good indicator of "somethings wrong" so we gotta go visit her here in a little bit to see what is up. The up side from the week was the fact that we had interviews with President and Sister Greer. They were so good, President really helped me with the things we have been struggling with in our area and we set some goals to better ourselves. Other than that, it was a pretty normal week of work. Hard, but way rewarding. OH, Here is a cool thing, remember last week when I said it had been raining for 16 days straight? well we are now on day 23 in a row with rain, but at least this week we had some lightning to make it worth it.

    This morning we had a cool experience. We went to play soccer at this field here in our area, and a bunch of random guys were playing so we just jumped in and started playing with em. This guy was like, "are you guys from the chuch?" we were like um...yeah, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, whats up? he goes "I dont know what to do in my life but I want to be better, I read the bible every day....do you guys have any advice?" Well needless to say we did, and about an hour later he had commited to baptism for the 3rd of may and we have a meeting with him tomorrow! the only bad part...he doesnt live in our area, so we will be calling the other elders tonight to tell them where he lives so they can teach him. Basically, we were just really excited we could help him find what he has been looking for, even if we aren´t the ones who will be baptizing him.

   Funny story of the week has to do with what my good friend Elder Bodily calls "Misison Booty". When all you do is eat tortillas and walk up hills every day, your pompis get a little bit bigger and that causes lots of problems, one of which would be the fact that my suit pants are about 2 and a half sizes to small. Yesterday in church I stood up and my button popped off my pants and hit the sister teaching. It was a solid way to invite the spirit to the class.

I hope you all have a great week and would invite you all to go into confrence with a question in your heart, ready to listen diligently to the men whom God the Father has called as special witnesses of His Son Jesus Christ. I love ya all, have a greatttt week!
-Elder Draper

Our water heater

Making Tamales!

Our great investigator M

My favorite family

6 Months!!!!

The futbol field we played on today

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