Thursday, March 5, 2015

Five Months and broken comps

Hello family and friends!

Special shout out to my dear dad who broke what we call here in the heart of central america su "muñeca" good luck with that pops!

This week was decent, we had a hard time finding new people to teach and the majority of our lessons fell through and on top of that, my comp hurt his ankle last monday pretty bad and was on crutches until wednesday BUT we did have some good stuff go down. Sunday, our investigators that were 100 percent sure to come didnt come but an investigator we stopped teaching a few weeks ago (he told us to go to heck) CAME TO CHURCH and he can get baptized asap so that is super cool we have a meeting with him tonight so hopefully we can set a goal for his baptism next sunday.

Other than that we are kind of destitute of people to teach, we have some promising references but the hard part about mexico is we dont knock doors. it does not work, and people think we are jehovahs witnesses which we arent obviously.SO we only work with references and if we dont recieve references the work gets tough a little but this week we are hoping to find a lot of new people to teach. elder gontes is really wanting to baptize before he goes home in a month so he is excited to work which is really nice.

Other than that we had a pretty normal week without incident, last night the other missionaries in our district slept at our house because we left early to play soccer this morning its cool to have four in a house every once in a while! We get laughing real hard.

In other news, I have finished Jesus the Christ which I think is the longest book I´ve ever read and now I am starting in spanish, oh and LEONARD NIMIO DIED?? That is some bummer news. 

Spiritual thought for this week is pretty simple. DONT be a sunday mormon. Non members watch members and see when you go buy ice cream on sunday or when you say naughty words so be a good mormon and follow the commandments so the people in your ward dont think mormons suck.

Love you guys

Live Long and Prosper

-Elder Draper

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