Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baptisms and the Caca Cascadas

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week, and especially want to say happy birthday to my Grandpa Ron, and Aunt Kellee, ¡FELIZ CUMPLIAÑOS!

This was a good week here in Macuitepetl, firstly we found a great person to teach this week named Kátia, she is like 21 and super super interested in the church. She says she doesn't believe in Catholicism, the Jehovah witnesses, or the evangelists and she has heard good things about the Mormons so she wanted to meet with us. We taught her sister a while ago but she didn't want anything and the other day we said a prayer in the street because all of our appointments fell through and I was like hey lets go knock on that door, we havent visited them in a while and boom we found Kátia so that was a testimony builder on answers to prayers for sure.

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference and it was so good! The area president for all of Mexico, Elder Benjamin De Hoyos came and spoke and split the stake. The new stake is the xalapa MACUITEPTL stake so that was cool because it was like a personal shout out to our area. Victor came to the Sunday session and it was way powerful, the stake got organized 29 years ago and the church started in Xalapa in the 1950´s so Elder De Hoyos started reading a brief history of the church here and was like here are some of the pioneers, if you have been a member in xalapa for more than 50 years please stand up and our second counselor in the bishopric, who is 94 years old stood up with some others. The cool part was the brother who is 94 was asked to come up and share how he felt about the growth and he was crying and just saying he never would have believed he would live to see it. He is a great guy. I got to meet President De Hoyos and that was cool, made me lol he goes (in spanish) "elder...dr...drah...drep...drayyyyypur...Nice to meet ya elder" it was funny.

SUNDAY was the best day because finally after almost six months meeting with the missionaries, and almost 2 with us, PATY got BAPTIZED! I was really happy she asked me to baptize her and it was a way cool experience to see how she went from being really scared and nervous on the way there to super calm and teary-eyed-happy as she walked into the baptisimal font.
Today was cool, this morning we went to this little pueblo called naolinco (now-link-oh) where they make shoes and boots out of exotic skins and super nice leather. I bought some super nice shoes for like 25 bucks, sadly the ant-eater boots weren´t in my size (not kidding I was bummed to the max). The funniest part of our trip to naolinco is we wanted to visit this waterfall we had heard about and we found it which was cool. It looked all majestic and beautiful from far away at the lookout but when we got down close to it we realized why they call it the black falls. It was fulllllllll of sewage. hahaha it smelled way bad, and the trail was a joke. We left the caca cascades after a few minutes. 

Probably one of the funniest things that has happened on the mission was when we left we were walking on the trail and this really big goat was on the trail and had straight up mountain goat horns. it looked super mad and the seven of us were all way too scared to try to go walk past it, because every time we got close it would drop its head and start digging and huffing at us. we took like 20 min climbing up this tree and walking all far away and we get done and this little kid of like maybe 12 just laughs and walks right past it and scratches it on the head and goes "Freaking white people" as he walks past us. It was way funny.
Anyway, long letter this week, stay safe, do your best to not get hepatitis from Mexican waterfalls, I'll be sure to do the same.
If you want to read some way good scripture, go read 2 nephi 27 28 and 29. it is probably my favorite section of the bom lately.
Con amor mas o menos,
Elder Dr..dra...druhhh...draper.

Paty's baptism

sketchy bridge on our hike

view of our area - the green hill on the left is the cerro de macuitepetl on the right is the pico  

zone at the lookout

caca cascades

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