Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Amoebas and English Classes

Hello hello to all my favorite gringos and gringas!

This week was a weird one that I will definitely remember! As far as missionary work goes it was a little rough, our baptism fell through yesterday unfortunately. She had smoked on Thursday but didn't tell us so she didn't pass the interview. We are working hard with her this week to help her overcome her addiction! Her daughter Mayra is doing really well, she came to church Sunday and has committed to keeping the Word of Wisdom AND she told us Saturday night that she knows the Book of Mormon is true which is amazing! We have a baptism lined up for Sunday with our longtime friend victor who has been investigating the church for almost a whole year and said that he finally feels like he KNOWS for himself. It has  been cool to see him try for a true conversion to the gospel so he doesn't just get baptized and then never come to church again. We are really needing to find some new people this week so that is our big goal for the week.

I taught my first english class friday night, and it was good! Victors son and three grand daughters came and picked up on the basics really well. They speak what they know when I see them and it is one of the funniest things ever. The son, Jugo, is like 35 and is from the federal district in mexico city, other wise known as chilango´s and today he told me he thinks I will leave more chilango than him. He is a way funny guy, I think we will be able to teach him soon.
Teaching English

Funny/Sad story for the week happened on saturday night. We stopped by victors store to see if he was coming to church and he was like hey what are you gonna eat for dinner? we were like well probably half an avocado why? "ok I will buy you guys helotes" he said, helotes are those nacho libre corns on a stick covered in mayo with cheese and chile. they are way stinking good but the guys walk around in the street with their mayo in a paint bucket all day in the sun and I think maybe its a germ sanctuary but we are poor and dont have money so we let the man buy us the salmonela on a stick and it was delicious. Well we got back home and went to bed and about 1:30 I got sicker than I have been in my whole life. Lets just say I spent way more time sitting and kneeling next to the toilet than I did sleeping. Around 4:30 my comp gave me a blessing because literally I don't think anything else would have killed those devil germs, and I fell asleep until about 9. we went to church, and then came home after and we slept until 7 or so with occasional trips to the bathroom to well you know. One of the sisters in the ward is a nurse and gave me the sketchiest medicine I have ever taken, but its the stuff the mission presidents wife said would kill what they thought were "amoebas" or that sixth grade biology garbage you look at in a microscope.But hey, I´m not sick anymore and    I´m pretty sure that I lost about 10 lbs which is a plus cuz I am getting chubby.

Me and Elder Gontes recovering Sunday night

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a great week, let me know if you want to lose weight and I´ll ship ya some legit parasites from the breeding grounds.
I also dropped some cartas in the mail so look for those in three months.
Love you guys,
-Elder Draper

My Zone - Sister Finlinson (Long hair with the Brown skirt) is from St George.

Me and Brownie - the happiest dog I have ever met.

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