Monday, February 2, 2015

Changes, and embracing trials like Mickey Mouse.


This has been a good week, but last night I found out some crazy news, I am getting changed! to Xalapa, the biggest city in the mission, it should be a good experience but I am bummed to leave my companion Elder Garcia! We have had some great work together the last two months. My new area is called Macuitepetl say that five times fast I dare ya ;)

Map of Veracruz State
Cerro de Macuitepetl - Xalapa

This week was kinda rough as far as work, a few of our investigators fell off the grid and then Sunday nobody came to church which was bummer but I was doing a lot of thinking yesterday and came to the realization of a few things.

The first is that the power of satan is real. just as real as the power for good, satan has power for bad and he is really good at pulling people away from the truth. sometimes I forget an interesting fact. satan knows us really well, he knows Jesus Christ, he knows the plan of god and he knows he lost already. just like a poor sport that knows he is going to lose is the first one to make the foul in basketball, satan knows he has lost and he is wiling to do anything to pull us down with him. BUT we cant let him because we too know the plan of God, and we know what we have to do to stay on the winning team.

The second is that the smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention. Jesus was the best example of that truth.

The third is the difference between discouragement and disappointment. It is normal do be disappointed but we cant let ourselves be discouraged! As missionaries we often are a lot like mickey mouse who we all know and love. we are the full technicolor, whistling as we walk, happy go lucky elder mickey mouses until the trials of our faith come and then we often change to the old black and white mopey mickey mouse. we cant do that! we have to like mickey, stand up brush ourselves off and with our heads held high continue forward!

I love you guys, and would challenge you to all try to continue forward with heads held high through what ever trial you are now facing hand in hand with the savior.

Keep up the good work and go 49ers!

Elder draper

Elder Draper and Tenoch at the Ward Party
Last Breakfast in Altotonga

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