Monday, January 26, 2015

Drunks in church, and answered prayers

Hey everyone! hope you all had a great week we sure did! Also shout out to SADIE because you're engaged! way to work it.

this week was a good one for sure. I did divisions in teziutla n with our zone leader this week who has the best looking sister I have ever seen so that was super funny.

This week all of our prayers and fasts were answered! we have been finding on average like 3 new investigators a week and none are coming to church but this week we found 13 new investigators and 6 came to church!! we were giddy as can be.One sister in the Ward  brought her five aunts and uncles and then this guy renato came. we also are teaching an awesome girl named rebecca, she has three kids and lives in a one room apartment, and is way interested! she had a ton of questions about us as missionaries, Joseph Smith and all that jazz it was awesome.

we also had two different drunks come to church a happy guy and super sad guy, the happy guy happened to pass by when we were outside and was like hey you are the ones with a hundered wives, and you dont share! that is pretty rude! we talked with him for a while but he had to go drink some more so he peaced out. the sad one was one of the other missionaries old investigators who was coming off of being drunk and was crying, and just super bummed. dont drink kids it ruins lives.

On another note we had a bunch of people breastfeed mid lesson this week and that always makes it mad akward.

I read a talk by Elder oaks this week and it is way powerful.
He says that the world is going to hell and we cannot let ourselves fall with it but rise above it. it is a way long talk and really good. my favorite part is where he says the following. " The world these days is pushing more and more for practices and values in oposition to that of members of the church. there is a strong tide for gay marriage and the legalization of harmful drugs. many dont believe in marriage at all or in having children. others push for less restrictions on pornography. even more push the small things,, tattoos, piercings, vulgar media including movies music and televisión. we are to teach our families the simple truths of the góspel revealed throught he plan of salvation and live them. We are to love our neighbors and avoid contention when making stands on such topics."

The world is rapidly falling away frmo the truths of the góspel, as missionaries we see it every single day but I can promise you all with the surety of my heart that there is no other means by which we can live our lives in a happy manner other than through the guidance of the Gospel of Jesús Christ. I testify to you all that God lives, He loves us, and through our savior Jesús Christ, we may all find the strength to live an increasingly wicked world.

I love you all, hope you have a great week and can put the principles of the góspel IN PRACTICE in your individual lives. that is when you are able to see the blessings.

Haz lo Justo!
Elder Draper

           some ass in the Street

Caught a pigeon at a members house

     Playing jenga while wating for our hamburgers

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