Monday, January 12, 2015

Rain, Mud, and stuff that looks like mud...

Hola todos!

I hope you are all having a great new year, and that you havent fallen off the waggon with new years resolutions yet.

This was a good week, we worked hard and found some good new investigators, but we sadly had to drop the family of 7, they said "oh we are catholic so..." so we wont visit them anymore. 

It rained a whole boat load this last week, six of the 7 days was straight up mist of darkness 1st nephi 8 stuff. I had to use my big boots and my comp fell big time in the mud one one of these hills, sadly no pics bc my camera was dead! The worst part about the rain is that the mud and the poo poo all mix together to make almost mud. our pants and boots smelled way way bad but thats mexico. 

A few highlights of the week, firstly we had interviews with president and they were way good. We have the best President and Hermana Greer helped us with our area book to be a little better. Secondly, we had a good old planch the other day. We contacted this reference the other day and she was like why would I change my religion there is one god, we are all going to the same place whats different, so we read a scripture that said one god one faith and were like if that is true why are there so many different religions? because you are in the wrong one. we are here to help you recieve blessings. She was like what blessings could I possibly missing out on? we had to go because she had to sweep her dirt floor barefoot before going to work for her 15 hour shift that she works every day because she lives alone with 7 kids that are under 17 and 3 grandkids. We were sad that she was so hard hearted that she didnt see that her life could get a lot better. we left her with the scripture, repent ye repent ye all ends of the earth and be baptized in the name of Christ for a remission of your sins. I think she´ll call this week ;)

I want to leave you guys with a little spiritual note from the week from our studies. President Monson often teaches that decisions determine destiny. In that spirit, my counsel would be today to rise above any rationalizations that prevent you from making decisions, especially ones with respect to serving Jesus Christ. We are taught in Isaiah to "refuse the evil and choose the good" its simple really, just choose the right! 

Hope you all have a great week 

Here is some pics of our area on the sunny day!

Love you all, and happy birthday aunt liz!

Elder Draper

Buddy the Elf shower

Creepy new pet

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