Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 14

WOW the time is really going by fast! It was a great week and a super poor weekend here in altotonga, we found a ton of people this week that are great investigators buttttttt none of them came to church! we have to bring them to church five times before baptism so church is our biggest focus here. 

Me and my companion are doing well together, and we are loving this area. Altotonga rains a lot but the sunny days are so cool because from our part of the city we can see the mountains of Teziutlan peaking through the clouds like an island, super cool!
This week we will be focusing a lot on finding more families, we are teaching one part family right now but we either have to find single moms with kids, or fams that are married so we can help them. it is really hard with fams that aren't married and we dont just want to baptize kids because they de-activate. so this week we hope to find this family, we know there is one family we can baptize here in Altotonga we just need to find those suckers!!
This week I want to share a talk by president Uchtdorf called "Receiving a testimony of light and truth" 

He talks about how a century ago, scientists thought that the milky way galaxy was the only one in the universe and that outside of the milky way, was just endless darkness. Soon after telescopes advanced and it became apparent that there are an uncomprehensible amount of galaxies, planets and stars, or as the scriptures revealed many years before, "worlds without number". This is a very good symbol of how we act! we often think we are correct when we are the opposite! He says something I really like " Are we destined to drift aimlessly on an ocean of conflicting information stranded on a raft we have poorly pieced together from our own biases?" He says there are four things we must do to gain a lasting testimony.
1. SEARCH the word of god, study the scriptures w/sincere desire
2.Consider and ponder in your heart FEARLESSLY try to believe
3. ASK w/a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Christ
4.LIVE IT. "if any man will do Gods will, he shall know the doctrine, whether it be of God, or of myself" (John 7:17)
If we do these things, we as members of this true church in the last days will gain lasting, firm testimonies that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth.
Love you guys lots, miss you all, and I hope that you are enjoying the new year!
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