Monday, January 5, 2015

Borachos Pulgas and Dead investigators.

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all had a great week, AND FIRST THINGS FIRST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY STUD BROTHER!! 14!! I was thinking about it and I was 14 when my family moved to Lehi and that feels like yesterday so enjoy the next 4 years dude they go by too fast!

This was a pretty slow week as far as work goes, we had pretty much every investigator we had fall through and we contacted all thirty of our contacts for the week to no avail, all had the same response "I am catholic!" my comp is always like, I am sorry, I feel bad for you in his funny columbian accent and it makes it pretty funny. We have some contact right now with this fam that could be so awesome! It is a family of 7 so cross your fingers we can baptize the heck out of em.

Apart from a slow week, we moved and in the move somehow we got pulgas. PULGAS ARE FLEAS YOU GUYS. they were in my bed super bad and I got some crazy bad bites. its like mosquito bites but bigger and more crappy. we raid bombed our whole house and now we are in good shape, the only thing that sucked is we had to spend like 200 pesos to wash all of our clothes, blankets and everything. but hey, no more fleas in my bed so that is bomb.
SUNDAY was probably the funniest/strangest sacrament meeting of my life. we were sitting in sunday school and this guy said some answers to questions that were hard hard hard to understand, even for the mexicans I was like huh this guys weird, lets talk to him I dont i know him! So we go up after and ya¨ll. this guy was HAMMERED. so so drunk as a skunk and it was so flippin funny. we were like whats up dude? and he is like oh I want to change and be happier so we were like you are in the right place my friend but you gotta stop drinking like right now. SO we go sit in sacrament and the obispo is like ok its testimony meeting go for it and everyone starts going up and bearing their testimonies. THE BORACHO wanted to bear his testimony! after everyone he crossed himself and then tried to get up and me and garcia were like nope nope cant do that! "Why not" he says? oh you are drinking buddy its better if ya listen, then the best part HE PULLS A BOTTLE OUT AND TRIES TO DRINK IN THE CHAPEL we were like ok apostasy! so I was like ok we need your help out front lets go sound good? of course he is like sure no matta. so we go out front, and he tells us all about his life, how he lives with his mom and his wife moved to guadalajara, it was pretty sad actually this guy was in a sad place but we tried to help him! we tried to convince him to dump the bottle or at least give it to us and he was like no youll drink it! hahahahahaha it was funny man.

Apart from that our week was pretty normal. >I do want to share something I read this week in the confrence ensign, it is jorg klebingats talk called Aproachiong the throne of God with confidence. He says there are six things to get rid of the negative influence of satan in our lives as follows

1. take responsibility for your own spiritual well being
2.take responsibility for your own physical well being.
3.embrace voluntary whole hearted obedience as part of your life
4. Become really really good at repenting really really fast
5. become really good at forgiving
6. accept trials, set backs and surprises as part of your mortal experience

Selective obedience brings selective blessings and choosing to do something bad over something worse is still choosing wrongly. faithful observance of some commandments doesn't justify neglecting others. When I do good, I feel good, when I do bad, I feel bad.
Some trials come through your own disobedience, or negligence, other trials come because of the negligence of others and some simply because this is a fallen world. When trials come the adversaries minions begin to broadcast "you did something wrong, this is a punishment, a sign that heavenly father doesn't love you" IGNORE THAT. Instead try to force a smile, gaze heavenward, saying "I understand Lord, >I know what this is, a time to prove myself isn't it?" then partner with him and endure well to the end. Spiritual confidence increases when you accept that often trials and tribulations are ALLOWED to come into our lives because of the things we are doing RIGHT.

I hope you guys can all learn to apply the atonement into your personal lives and come to know the savior on a level you haven't before. I love ya all and here's to a great week!

*Dont drink in church*

-Elder Draper

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