Monday, February 9, 2015

Burger king, Walmart, and Month 4 in the mission!

Hello all, I hope you all had a fantastic week filled with many many great things!

This week was way good, we have set up some baptisms here in the last week for the next 5 weeks and that rocks my socks! we are teaching some really good investigators named Paty and victor that both are progressing really well and starting to gain testimonies for themselves. cool as can be to see changes in peoples lives, we invited them both to live the word of wisdom this week and it is going well! The blessings are real when we live the commandments.

Some cool parts about my new area are that we are in the middle of XALAPA the biggest city in the mission and it is so different. we take taxis everywhere which is kinda fun because my comp makes me tell em where we are going and he just sits in the back seat playing solitarie on our cell phone haha it is cool to talk to people who are from all over. Another cool thing is that this week on Wednesday the members that we eat with called and were like hey we cant feed you today but we left 300 pesos on our door step so grab it and have lunch on us. so we took a taxi to the center of the city to the mall and ate burger king. DEUTERONOMY after eating chicken feet and pig testicles for the last 3 months a mediocre hamburger was like prime rib. so dang good. there is also a  Costco and a Walmart here in Xalapa so food is a ton cheaper and we have a lot more variety.

This week I read a cool quote by Joseph Fielding Smith on the importance of the book of Mormon. "' it appears to me that no member of the church can feel satisfied until they have read the Book of Mormon one time or another and have contemplated it so as to be able to give testimony that it truly is an inspired record of the almighty and that it contains the truth; god cannot accept any member of this church into his presence if they have not carefully and seriously read the Book of Mormon." it is really an important part of our life long conversion as it contains the "fullness of the everlasting gospel"

Anyway, I hope you guys can start now if you haven't to read the Book of Mormon, ponder it in your heart and pray to God to know if it is true. I know that you guys can all receive a strong testimony because I have experienced it first hand.

Love you all, sorry no pics this week we literally have a lesson in 5 minutes and I gotta go catch a cab!!

OH ALSO BIG THANKS TO THE WARD I GOT MY CHRISTMAS LETTER THIS WEEK so that was awesome, thank you guys! and also thanks to the lewis fam for the christmas card you guys rock :)

read your scriptures,

-Elder Draper

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