Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuktumen Tuhcuncuin!

¿Tuku Kitwampa Kawaza? (whats up kids in totonaco)

I remember before I came out on my mission my uncle said to me "I remember laying in bed at night and thinking "Where in the heck am I?" Last night I was laying in bed and I kinda felt the same way. Sometimes its crazy to me I'm out here in Mexico preaching to the same people that alma describes as "hard hearted" "wicked" "set upon the traditions of their fathers" and it just strikes me that I am literally preaching to the decendents of the same lamanites that destroyed the nephite people. The same of which "dwindled in unbelief". I teach people daily that are literally set upon the catholic traditions of their fathers. A few months ago the counselor in the area presidency said to us as missionaries that if we wanted to baptize like alma, like the sons of mosiah, like any one of the great book of mormon missionaries, we only have to do what they did. That got me so pumped this week as I studied and me and good ol elder Noble are going to put them into effect for the rest of the time we are together.

This week I have also been trying to learn as much of the dialect language here, Totonaco, and I am stoked because a ton of people here speak it fluently and are teaching me. Next monday I am going to this little village next to the nephite ruins about a half hour away to go to the old library there to find a spanish to totonaco phrase book. Just in case I ever have to save some native lamanite souls. 

I will have nine months out on wednesday, high five for that.

This week the work was a little slower, I spent a lot of time on divisions and had 9 baptismal interviews but even with not a ton of time in my area we saw some miracles and had an awesome baptism for lucila yesterday! It was great to see her get baptized and for elder noble to have his first baptism! Her mom diana and her sister gabby are getting baptized in three weeks so pray for them, we just have to marry her parents between here and then but she is excited and the guy is willing even though he wants nothing to do with the church. We had a couple other investigators come to church and they are progressing well. This area is really good we just have to work hard.

Feliz cumpleaños to my main man Elder D-Money Puzey down in chile. You the best.

Funny story of the week.....I showed my companion which mosquitos here carry dengue and that freaked him out pretty bad. The next day I woke up with about 15 bites on my feet and ankles because we left a window open and that sucked but no dengue symptoms so thats good.

-Elder Draper



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