Monday, May 4, 2015

Que la Fuerza te Acompane !!

Hola family and friends! 

First and foremost I want to say happy birthday to my dear grandmother and my cousin Ry Ry. I love ya guys and I hope you have a great birthday! 

Secondly, this week is mothers day so I want to publicly tell my dear mother how much I LOVE YOU. Thank you for everything you have done for me mom. You are honestly the best mother anyone could ask for and don't let anyone tell ya otherwise. Can't wait to talk Sunday! 

This was a pretty weird week I am gonna start with the bad/funny stuff. Tuesday it rained really hard and when I say really hard I mean I have never been in a bigger rainstorm in my whole life. Unfortunately we were about 20 blocks away from our house and had an appointment so we started to run. Needless to say we got a little wet.
Wednesday I got a serious stomach infection and was up all night long with double dragon. That was stellar.
Thursday I got the flu for getting wet and not sleeping for 48 hours.
Friday I called the sister in charge of like medicine and all things health oriented to see what I could take, she said a nap, I said "Booyah!" and when I woke up an hour later, well I can only describe it as Alma said " And I was born again of the spirit" I felt a ton better and we got some solid work done and found some cool new investigators.
OK for spiritual stories, Brother Leon Lopez Alavez, the first stake president in Veracruz was in our ward and died this weekend at 91 so we went to his funeral and Elder Moser and I sang a special number, it was really cool and the spirit was really strong. He was a pretty amazing guy, there were 4 members of th

e 70 that were there, the two stake presidents in Xalapa, and just a lot of people who he made a big impact on. He and his wife are the nicest people I have ever met and are the epitome of enduring to the end. I hope someday I can be like brother Leon was in this life.

That's about it for this week happy star wars day and like I said, Que la fuerza te acompañe!
Until next week, 
Elder Draper

The new Zone
After 20 blocks in the Rain
Brother L approves!!
Xalapa Sunset

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