Monday, May 18, 2015


Hope you guys all had a good week, and are still showing some love to your mothers even though its not mothers day.

This was a rough week, we are struggling to find new people to teach and the people we find last a week and then hide from us in their house when we go to bring them to church, so that's bummer but it's all good. The Lord knows who is ready, we just have to find them! I was reading the story of the brother of Jared this week and it brought me a little personal revelation. 
Home Sweet Home
When the story starts, the brother of Jared is really worried because he doesnt know how to make light so he is like "hey God, I really dont know what to do, could you help me?" the answer he gets is basically, show your faith, take action and then I will help you. The brother of Jared then went and FOUND the stones, and BROUGHT them to the Lord. THEN the Lord could put light into them and help him. So thats what we gotta do, find the stones, and let got put light into em.

Tuesday I had a leadership conference with President Greer, it was only the 12 district and zone leaders in Xalapa, and we had a nice meeting with Pres. and Sister Greer, and the Assistants. I learned a lot and the biggest way we can have success here is work with the members so be good members in your wards and help the missionaries.

This week I wanted to share a scripture I was reading in Alma 17 verse 11

"And the Lord said unto them also; go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word, yet ye shall be patient in long suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls."

This scripture hit me hard as I serve literally among the remnant of the Lamanites.

On a side note I got another stomach infection this week, that was steller.

Ok, I gotta go clean my suit for the first time in 8 months because we have got 3 General Authorites coming this week to the mission; Elder Pino on wednesday and Elder Peiper and Elder Christiensen from the presidency of the seventy on friday, and I don't want to look like that kid in charly brown that's really dirty.

Love ya all!

-Elder Draper

The picture doesn't do the storm justice.
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