Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Hello family and friends! Happy mothers day to all you moms but especially my mom, it was so good to talk to you guys last night!! 

Happy Morthers Day Mom!!!
This was a pretty slow week, not much happened but we found a really cool girl! Her name is Dania and she is 19. She is a teacher and is studying at the same time. She's pretty interested and came to church on Sunday so she is doing well. She has a baptismal date for the 7th of June.

Other than that we had a pretty frustrating work week. Most of the investigators we had fell of the man. The guy we found last week who is living with a less active member hit his step daughter really hard so the sister kicked him out. We are working with the sister and the bishop to get her active again and in better living situations.

Thursday Elder Moser and I started English classes again. As we were walking there it started to rain. Hurricane season is coming on so the rain is going HAM. Anyway we ran to the church but got super drenched still. Then nobody came to class. THAT was a bummer. But its cool, I speak English already so no harm done.

Pretty decent week but we are really really working to try to find someone who can get baptized in the next few weeks and we have a few people that are possibilities but we have a promise from the Area Presidency, 1st Presidency, and the Lord that we can baptize every week if we work hard and connect our goals with heaven. 

Congrats to Mckayla Faddis on getting her mission call to RUSSIA. Stoked for ya.

Until next week,

Elder Draper


Ward Activity at the Macuiltepetl ecological park


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