Monday, December 21, 2015

Yo Tango un Gato


This was a great week because RAFAEL GOT BAPTIZED FINALLY! We were pumped for him and he was really excited to finally join the rest of his family as members of the church.

OK so the subject line has to do with probably the weirdest thing a companion has asked in my whole mission. Wednesday we were visiting this investigator named Mari and as we knock on her door this little kid runs up to my companion with this little kitten and goes "ten!" or "take this!" so I forgot to mention my companion LOVES cats on a seriously weird level, anyway, he grabs it and is like "aww look at the little kitty". He looks up and the little kid had RUN AWAY! It was like some weird form of religious truth or dare and this kid had taken the dare of "ditch a kitten with mormon missionaries and run away". This was our conversation following that event.

My companion

 "yeah probably BUENAS TARDES" (still trying to get mari to come to the door.) 

     "elder we have to take this cat with us and give it to someone"

 "elder we cannot take the cat with us"

     "Are you a cat killer"

"no I am not a cat killer"

     "than we have to take the cat"

"Elder We cannot take the cat with us"

(my companion now very frustrated looks at me and goes) "Elder Draper....What would Jesus do"

Long story short we ended up spending the end of the afternoon taking the cat around and using it as a contacting method. Nobody wanted the stinking cat so it slept with my companion and then Thursday we gave it to a member. 

El Gato
Apart from that we had a cool Sunday because Jairo and his dad Manuel came to church and loved it. Manuel told us before we had mentioned it that he wanted to stop drinking. It is cool to see how understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes sinful habits so quickly. 

I am so thankful for all of you guys and I hope you have the greatest Christmas and remember it is CHRISTmas not GIFTmas or FIGHTSmas or TOYSmas. Go watch the christmas.mormon.org videos and be happy that we have a savior :)

Merry Christmas you guys!!

Elder Draper

Z is for Zach - I like bread and cheese - I am very popular in the elementary school books

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