Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Guadalupe Day

This week flew by and we didn't have very much success so there isn't much to tell about!

We have the Tijuana temple dedication next week and we get to watch it so that's going to be a great experience. 

We had stake conference yesterday and they talked about the Book of Mormon. THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE BEST MISSIONARY. If you guys want to see miracles share it with non member friends or family and have them read it. Also go check out christmas.mormon.org and share the #ASaviorIsBorn it is a great way to spread Christmas cheer.


This week the Virgin Guadalupe parades started. The 12th is the virgin holiday so starting the 2nd they do giant jimmy rigged parades where they just hold up these giant Virgin Guadalupe statues or duck tape them to the front of semi trucks and walk down the street singing. It kills my vibe but "men are free according to the flesh" so not much I can do about it.

This week is our multi-zone Christmas conference with president. Papantla is coming to poza rica to do it with us so I will see some mission friends. 

This week I studied the church history around the building of the Salt Lake Temple if you guys want to hear some miraculous stories go study the church history institute manual. 


Elder Draper
Dos Banditos

Consejo in Xalapa

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