Monday, November 16, 2015

Possums and No Tiempo!

What a week!
Adriana and Cornelio are doing fantastic and are super excited to go to the temple.
Alberto is pumped for his baptism, and went to the YSA conference this weekend and loved it.
Rafael is nervous but excited for his baptism!
This week at albertos house I killed a possum with a giant machete!
Well, today was kinda weird so there is about zero time to write so have a great week! sorry no pics or anything!
Elder Draper

Note from the site administrator (Zach's Dad):

Zach also sent a boice (yes he said voice with an accent) recording.  I couldn't get it loaded, but he sounds really good - tired but good.  Didn't hear about the possum, but I hope to hear more next week.

The work is going really well.  Had several investigators come to church this week. Rafael, Alberto, Adrina, and Cornelio all working towards baptism! He is really escited.

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