Monday, November 2, 2015

Miracles and special changes

This was one of the weirdest weeks of the mish but superrrrr good!

Monday was pday and we pdayed the whole pday.

Tuesday we had interviews with president and we scared them a little with how insanely clean our house was ( we stayed up until 12:30 the night before cleaning....:) 

Wendesday-Friday we found some amazing miracles. Alfredo is the brother of a less active family and he is super excited about getting baptized and stopped us in the street to tell us about it! Alberto is the brother of a recent convert that we just barely met. My comp started talking to him about anime (like japanese cartoons...) so they talked for around 15 minutes, me in lala land like "woah thats a new freckle on my arm..." and I hear my comp say "hey have you ever listened to the missionaries" and alberto responds "nope but Im reading the book of mormon right now, I am on chapter 21 of 1st nephi" I was like HOLY COW MAN HI!!! haha he came to church on sunday and is excited for a baptism on the 29th of november. Martin a recent convert and Georgina a less active member both brought their nephews to church on sunday and both of them are excited for baptism as well. SERIOUSLY MIRACLES! Thanks to a lot of fasting and prayer we are finally seeing some results. We are stoked.

This week we had to shower and go potty downstairs in the members house because we (the last six months of missionaries) clogged the plumbing so badley (we've had diharea since easters) that they had to redo the entire houses drainage system. lol sorry bout it land lord.

Lastly my comp got changed so I have a new companion named elder Hernandez! He is a great missionary and it will be a good time working with him.

Love you guys, have a great week!!

Elder Zach Draper
Alma 17:11
this is our "mama helana" she lives in tuxpan and is like our mom here so she came to visit saturday night with pizza and her kids helana and pablito!

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