Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting to know people

Hey guys not much time today because my comp and I are headed on a 5 hour bus ride to xalapá in like 45 minutes! 

This week was a good week, my new comp Elder Acosta is super awesome and we get along really well. He plays guitar and sings like enrique iglesias so all the sisters love this guy. He goes home in 5 weeks, I am his last comp! 

Hermano Oso - We use him to practice teaching lessons.  He is progressing pretty well

My sexy comp - Elder Acosta
 We spent the week helping me get to know the area and the investigators that they have been teaching. We found some awesome new investigators as well! Right now we have a baptism scheduled next week for a sister named celeste, she is 19 and has this little boy named gustavo that is our best bud. Her whole family is members and she is separating from her husband that wouldnt let her get baptized and hated the missionaries, which is bummer because we want eternal families not eternal single strugling teenage mothers but her family is a great help for her and I know they will help her out. 

Ok so the title this week has to do with something we do every day which is contacting people. We talk to random strangers all day every day! A skill you have to develop as a missionary is get to know someone in like 5 minutes on a pretty personal level. In 5 minutes we know their name, where they live, if they are married, how many kids they have, what their kids names are, how old they are, how long they have been with their spouse, what they do for a living, where they are from, their background experience with God, what they believe, what they dont understand, and what they want. It is honestly pretty nuts!

 I always looked up to my grandpa thomas because he could talk to ANY person he met, in line at walmart, the waiter at porters place, the bus driver at warm springs, or the guy parked next to us and find SOME mutual point. He ALWAYS has something to talk about with them, and they always end up telling him about themselves. ANYWAY, my point is it is a skill I know he has used to share the gospel and its a skill we all need to develop if we want to be more like Christ. We are to be a light to the world, the leaven that lifts those around us and if we don't get outside of our little buble, we will never be able to share the gospel with others. So my invitation to all you guys is to get out of your comfort zone, help others, talk to strangers (if you are older than...13), get to know those around you a little better and you will be able to see how YOU can change the lives of those around you.

Funny story of the week wasnt that funny, there are two sister missionaries in the ward and one is from peru (mision trujillo elder rbod su apellido es pampañaupa busca su familia) and the other one is from honduras and to mess with them we always ask them questions about bolivia and guatemala and joke that they are from there but they just end up getting mad. 

Miss you guys! Start getting ready for general conference it is only 4 weeks away!! 

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Drawpear

My good buddy Elder Degroff and I

Super Dope Mcnasty kiler carne asada this sister made on wednesday so gooooooooood!

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