Monday, September 21, 2015

Spread the Word

What a week. I think we talked to a thousand people this week. We had a multi zone conference this week with president where somehow my companion got me stuck leading the choir in a special music number as he played the piano so that was coolio. In the zone conference we taught missionaries in 5 different little workshops led by us, the other zl's, the assistants and president and we taught on finding investigators. I asked a group of 20ish  "What stops you from finding families to teach if we are surrounded at all hours of the day by people who can accept the gospel?" A quiet elder spoke up and said "ya know this week I got rejected a lot but I decided I dont really care about getting rejected anymore. I just talk to everyone like my salvation depends on it." He then read from doctrine and covenants where the Lord commands us to declare the gospel like the sound of trumpets. This week we tried just talking to everyone and we got rejected super hard core, a lot, but my job isnt to make people accept the gospel, my job is to preach the gospel of salvation to "those that will recieve us". 

YOUR job is to do the same. I recently read a quote by Saint Francis of Asissi that said "Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words." I invite all of you guys to do just that.

Sunday we had a baptism in the ward from the sister missionaries. Martin and Rosa are like 70 years old and are sooo flippin cool. Martin after his baptism was just sobbing and as we were about to finish he asked if he could speak. He stood and bore a strong testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost and its role in his conversion. I think that´s my favorite part of being a missionary, seeing people be converted by the spirit. 

Take Luck,

Elder Draper

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