Monday, October 5, 2015

No Tiempo!


I am getting on a five hour bus ride in like 45 minutes and I still gotta go back to the house to grab my bag sooooo, short letter. Conference was good!!! If you didn't watch it, watch it. If you did watch it, watch it again and again and again. This week I celebrated a year in the mish high five to elder horton who celebrates a year in this week I think! Most important above all is that tomorrow aka the 6th of october 2015 my parents celebrate 20 YEARS TOGETHER! HAPPY ANIVERSARY MOM AND DAD YOU GUYS ROCK. I am super thankful that you guys got married in the temple and put the good example. All you youngins getting married soon, follow the counsel of the apostles from this weekend and get yourself worthy to be married in the temple and don't settle for anything else. 

Love you guys here is some pics from the week!


Dinner with Members

My Homie Bryan

A beautiful waterfall (or maybe sewer drain...)

1 Year Down

1 Year

Elder Acosta and I playing ping pong

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