Monday, August 17, 2015

True conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ

Hey guys happy Monday and Happy birthday to my Uncle Dan!!! Hope you have a great day.

This was a good week, my comp and I are really seeing the fruits of hard work. Yesterday our favorite little investigator Nadia was baptized. We went and cleaned the font on Saturday but as I was walking down into the water my comp opened the doors to the baptismal room and was like "hey! big spider!" there was a huge spider swimming on top of the water so I turned around before Nadia walked down and was like "hey hold on just a sec" my comp handed me a paper and I slapped that sucker out of the font. 

This week I was studying in preparation for our mission conference with Elder Christofferson and I was studying on conversion. We see a ton of people who are converted to the church but aren't converted to the gospel. When trials come, they, like the seed that fell in stony ground, wither away and are burned. I invite you all to seek for a true conversion to the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

Pretty mellow week other than Nadias baptism! Here is some pics from sunday at her baptism.

Nadia's Baptism!!
Love you guys,
Elder Draper


My two favorite foods, ham sandwiches, and chicken feet in mole.

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