Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 3

Hey guys, this week has been good, we got moved up to main campus because a kid on west got ebola which was crazy...just kidding haha jk thats the joke here because it's like we are in quarantine. This week has been eventful, we heard Chad Lewis of the Philadelphia Eagles speak on sunday which was very good. He spoke on letting our light shine to the world, as members it is our duty to do the work of the lord by living his gospel daily! be good examples everyone. Tuesday we heard from Elder Godoy of the 70. He spoke on the attributes of a good missionary, go read alma 24-26 they are super good chapters and apply to how to be a good missionary. He also gave a good unintended message, he is from brazil and really kinda struggled with english in his talk but it was way good and everyone felt the spirit, so it taught all of us learning a language that it's not important to be able to speak perfect, just keep the spirit with us. Good lesson to learn. We moved wednesday morning to main campus, it is pretty different up here but I like it. I saw elder horton this week which was fun. we are going to the temple today i'm stoked, elder moulton worked at the temple for two years and always has some weird fact for us at the end its way cool. Oh cool thing I learned this week that helped build my testimony of jospeh smith and the book of mormon. So in 2nd nephi, nephi quotes Isiah a ton. if you read it however, it is different from the bible because the bible leaves out part of the translation from isiah, the part that was from greek. The book of mormon however has the greek part that is from the original text of isiah. What does this mean for us? It means either the book of mormon is true, or Joseph smith learned complicated greek poetry really quickly. Just something cool. anyways, miss you guys! Keep the faith, stay the course, the Lord is on our side!

-Elder Draper 

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