Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 2

Hey everyone, hope life is good out in the real world! I can't believe its been two weeks, I only have one year and 50 weeks left can you believe it? ;) this week was super fast and I don't even remember everything that happened totally but there were a few highlights I want to mention. First of all, one of the elders in my district has been ooing and awing over this girl and wanting her to write him so bad! It's super funny we get the mail every day and he is bummed every day. well we got sick of hearing him talk about it so I wrote a letter to him from the girl and when he went to the consolate the other day I put a stamp on it and put it in the box for him. inside it just had a little paper with the word "gotcha!" on it! Oh man I haven't laughed so hard in a year. He was so stinking excited for it and took a picture with it and goes "did i ever tell you how beautiful her handwriting is?" (my handwriting...) ah man it was golden. We had two devotionals this week the one on sunday was super super cool!! we heard from the president of the media department of the churches missionary sector, the guy who is in charge of those videos like "because of him" and the mom one, anyway he talked to us and showed us some crazy cool stats (mormon.org is in 20 different languages, and that because of him video was viewed in like 180 of the 200 ish countries) but the coolest was he showed us the churches new video they are releasing for christmas YOU GUYS IT MADE ME FLIPPIN CRY IT IS AWESOME! I can't wait for you all to see it. Our speaker last night was elder lawrence of the seventy and he spoke on satan's influence and how to overcome it. super cool, favorite quote was something Heber C. Kimball said he used whenever he got a bad thought "Mr. Devil, Shut up." Had the opportunity to go to the temple this morning, guys go to the temple it is a good place to be. Other than that kind of an uneventful week, we got two new investigators Carlina and Paco, pretty good so far, spanish is coming along. I would love to hear from ya'll! I miss ya, the church is so stinking true! Miracles are real, and God knows us so well. Oh also we played soccer yesterday and I'm gettting reeeeaaaalllll good. on another note, I have gained ten pounds.

Talk to you soon!

-Elder Draper

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